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In today's market, over $7 trillion has been invested in more than three million indices, and it’s over $15 trillion if you include pension fund allocations. It's a massive, mind-boggling web of issuers, sectors, countries, themes and sizes, all packaged into products with different fees and risks. How do you know which one to buy? How do you assess the best one? Other than performance, what other factors do you need to consider?

The Index Standard provides actionable insights. We are independent of index and product issuers. Our ratings and forecasts are the result of meticulous analysis, designed by industry veterans. Our goal is to provide clarity and awareness that enables you to make sound decisions, leading to better outcomes.

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Popular Ratings

ETF Ticker Rating
EFG Silver
SCHP Copper
SLYV Watch
AMLP Watch
IWD Silver

Popular Forecasts

ETF Ticker Expected Annualized 10Year Returns
SPLV 7.50%
VIG 7.80%
VTV 5.80%
QUAL 6.40%
USMV 6.30%

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The Index Standard® provides a variety of unique and customizable services for clients. With our proprietary analysis and methodologies, we can provide in-depth ratings, forecasts, factor analysis and research that enhance the credibility of your index offerings.
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